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Employer Services - Frequently Asked Questions


Managing staff just seems to be taking up more and more of my time.  How can No.8 HR help?

Having good people management processes in your business means you can minimise the ‘ad-hoc’ time you need to invest with staff.  Clear management practices that are well implemented create a culture of reliability and trust.  We can help you find the right practices for your business that make maximum use of your time and minimise employee dissatisfaction at the same time.

How can I be sure that I will be getting the best advice?

Talk to our referees!  The team of advisors at No.8 HR have been helping New Zealand businesses maximise their people performance for the last ten years.  Each advisor is skilled in their field and is regularly involved in professional development.   We have extensive business networks and use other professionals to ensure that our advice to you is always up to date.

If I have an employee who is not performing, how can you help?

We work with you to identify the reasons for the non-performance and then help you to implement a strategy designed to improve performance to an acceptable level.  At No.8 HR we have extensive knowledge of how best to tackle performance management issues and help you make the best business decisions.

I want to retain my staff and they keep asking for more money.  Is this the right answer?

Paying staff the right amount of money is important if you want to retain them, however money is seldom the key to maximising their performance at work.  Motivated staff are engaged and committed to your business.  Talk to No.8 HR about ensuring that your people are being paid at fair market rates and also about what strategies are going to motivate them for improved performance.